5 Home Remedies For Low Testosterone levels that are proven to work…

Are you overweight? Can’t find any motivation to go to the gym? Then you might have low Testosterone levels. Check out these tips below to help you boost your natural levels at home!

Home remedies:

Avoiding Obesity– Excess body weight can cause a number of bad things to happen to your body including high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels which in turn can result to Low Testosterone levels.  Researchers have revealed that reducing body weight and introducing a healthy life style can increase your testosterone levels drastically.

Supplementing with Zinc– When zinc intake is reduced it can lower your testosterone levels way below where they should be. Try eating more foods rich in zinc such as oysters, red meats, beans, nuts, cereals, and dairy products.  You can also try supplementing with a zinc supplement which in my opinion is the easiest way to get your zinc levels back to where they should be.

Lower Alcohol Consumption–  Alcohol play a very big role in impacting Testosterone Levels.  Those who consumed alcohol 2 times a week saw a 7% decrease in testosterone levels compared to someone who didn’t consume alcohol at all.  Try only consuming Alcohol once or twice every other week to really feel a difference.

Not Enough Sleep–  A lack of inadequate sleep disturbs the natural hormonal balance in our bodies.  With most Americans not getting enough sleep it can really play a big role in lowering your testosterone levels.  Try introducing better sleeping habits and over time you will feel better.

Reducing Stress–  Stress can play a big role in hurting Testosterone levels.  When the human body gets stressed it produces a hormone in our body called cortisol which can block the effects of testosterone.  Try meditating once a day to reduce everyday stressors in our lives.


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